Delight in the rich kaleidoscope of countryside and city life aromas and flavours encompassed in this tour.
Mi Cubita Tour Dates

Feb 19th 2015March 5th 2015Yes
April 2nd 2015April 16th 2015Yes
Dec17th 2015Dec 31st 2015Yes
Jan 21st 2016Feb 4th 2016Yes
Feb 18th 2016March 3rd 2016Yes
March 24th 2016April 7th 2016Yes
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Price £1140 per person.

Starting the tour in old Havana with time to enjoy the old Colonial city centre, to feel and hear the rhythm of the changing face of Cuba.

Learn the secrets of Tobacco production and cigars, Revolution and the islands Colonial past. Travelling on to the southern coast, the old Spanish city of Trinidad never ceases to delight and enchant with its cobbled streets and back drop of the Sierra de Escambray mountains. Relax and swim in the turquoise waters of Cayo Iguana. Learn more about Ernesto “Che” Guevara on a guided tour of Santa Clara with a visit to the museum and memorial dedicated to his life and activities. A day into the Altiplano Topes de Collantes where you’ll enjoy a countryside hike to the Salto del Caburni waterfall and have opportunity to see and taste the “best coffee in the world” from bush to cup at the Casa del Cafe. Night life and music are a large part of daily entertainment and you can enjoy dancing at the Casa de la musica in the city centre beneath the stars in the open air, what could be more romantic!

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The truly unique taste of Cuba today

Capitoilio Havana Cuba

Cuba Snapshot Tour Dates
Start DateEnd DateAvailability
Feb 27th 2015March 5th 2015Full  
April 9th 2015April 16th 2015Yes
April 16th 2015April 23rd 2015Yes
Dec 10th 2015Dec 17th 2015Yes
Dec24th 2015Dec 31st 2015Yes
Jan 28th 2016Feb 4th 2016Yes
Feb 11th 2016Feb 18th 2016Yes
March 24th 2016March 31st 2016Yes
April 7th 2016April 14th 2016Yes
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Price £660 per person

Starting in La Habana the old Spanish capital that has seen better days but has a romance of its own despite the revolution! The tour takes you next to the colonial town of Trinidad and a trip into its sugar plantation past. A relaxing day on an island beach follows, where you can sip a rum Collins or enjoy the under sea world  while getting your sun tan established! We move on to the traditional countryside town of Vinales in Pinar del Rio where the campasinos offer you a taste of tobacco and rum and a night of great dance music. Follow that with a day relaxing on an uninhabited island surrounded by seas of turquoise and blue. This could be paradise! All good things come to an end and we must head back to Havana and say our goodbyes .Why not have one last Mojito in the old city before jumping into a taxi to the airport?

If you have limited holiday time but you want to learn more about this extraordinary island and meet some local people this is the Cuban experience for you.

Warning! Once you have been to Cuba you will want to return!

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