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Encompass run tours for those who, like us, want a little bit more than a suntan as a reminder of their holiday. We aim to look a little deeper than the highlights and send you home with a feeling of having had, not only a great fun holiday, but having gained an understanding of the culture and history of your chosen destination.

Encompass are a small team of travel specialists operating tours in Central America. Encompass run small group, escorted tours exclusively in Cuba, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Panama and we endeavor to provide comfortable travel at as relaxed a pace as possible, enabling you to have a more in depth cultural experience and make the most of your holiday.

Central America is a paradise for travel and leisure. Historically fascinating, you can follow the story of the ancient Maya civilization through Mexico, or visit a traditional market town in the Guatemalan highlands. This region is astonishingly rich in culture, unbelievably colourful and endlessly fascinating. For a taste of bio diversity the hot spot would be snorkeling in the stunning Hol Chan marine reserve off the coast of Belize, where you cannot fail to be impressed by the sight of rays, sharks, turtles and shoals of mature fish in a crystal clear environment. Unique to this part of Latin America is one of the world’s most famous engineering projects to date, the Panama canal. If all that sounds just too exhausting, wind down and relax with a rum cocktail and a salsa class in Cuba whilst listening to some of the best musicians in the world playing on your street corner.
We have researched comprehensively all the tours that we offer to enable you to find a holiday that not only suits your requirements but inspires and excites a passion for your travels. As a fundamental policy we promote and encourage respect for the countries in which we travel. We work closely with many local people and are devoted to promoting sustainable tourism which will enable us all to continue to have the privilege of traveling in this amazing part of the world.

Welcome to Encompass and we look forwards to meeting you soon.


  • Encompass tours is independently owned by a small, friendly and professional team of people, with a passion for their work. We make you, our top priority. We are committed to responsible travel and sustainable tourism and welcome feedback, suggestions and comments.
  • We run our own trips, 100%, no outsourcing or passing on clients to unknown operators. The escort you have is the person who designed your tour!
  • Maximum and minimum group size varies according to destination maximum for any destination being 10 making our tours relaxed and friendly.
  • All of our tours have plenty of included excursions which cover the very best that there is to see and do, but there will be opportunities for you to take time out to relax and choose other optional activities.
  • No hidden extras, what you see IS what you get.
  • Our expert crew delivers a quality service, consistently so you know that the next time will be just as good!
  • Encompass run tours at a relaxed pace with time to get to know the country that you are in, so sit back and order that second coffee!

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