Havana City Break! New for 2015

You choose your transport!

You choose your transport!

Kay and Guillermo enjoyed their Easter weekend city break in a beautiful old American car!

An action packed weekend was complete with sun, sand, rum, music and art. Fine cigars were smoked, vegan food was on the menu too for Kay. The benefits of free enterprise ensured a choice of restaurants are now available to cater to special diets.

Our choice of BnB accomodation in a casa particular in the old city of Habana Vieja is the perfect base for this weekend extravaganza!

Don’t expect to be ready for work on Monday!

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WOMAD 2014


Its summer music festival time Encompass Tours will be at WOMAD Charlton Park July 24th to 27th in the main arena, catching some great music and booking your tours to Cuba for 2014 /2015

Any guess who this great band is from 2010???


My Cuban Suitcase!

Packing for your holiday in Cuba needs some thought! We at Encompass Tours are familiar with the situation and we’d like to pass on some packing tips!

Apart from the usual “clothing to suit the weather conditions and activities you plan to participate in” What else??????

Knowing what conditions are on the ground and that the US trade embargo means that shopping for EVERYTHING can be either limited, difficult or impossible to get in Cuba.


Bring everything you think you will need for your stay. Any thing you can not live without and maybe some extras to give away to Cuban friends you have made during your stay!

My list might help you!!!


Sunscreen, Shampoo, Conditioner, Moisturizer, Insect repellent, soap antibacterial hand wipes/gel, razors, shaving cream, deodorant, eye drops, toothpaste.


Aspirin, Paracetamol, Neurophen and any thing you take on a regular basis

Food stuffs

Travel kettle, Tea bags, instant coffee, black pepper (if you like pepper) chili sauce (if you like spice) Chocloate, Nuts.

Other essential items

Universal adapter

Phone plus charger

Camera plus charger

Chargers for any i pod, pads, tablets

Books to read on the flight

Clean English Pounds, Euros, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars in Cash (not travellers cheques)


Scottish Pounds!! US Dollars!!

Damaged notes of any type

Dongles of any type or GPS will automatically detain your arrival in Havana and hours will pass waiting for the forms to be filled in and your hardware confiscated. You will be charged for it and can pick it up on your departure from the airport!!!! Best to check your baggage and not make delays for your self!!!